When Natascha brings Freddy a banana

Like last year, it rained on the first day of the Powerman Zofingen weekend. In the faces of the participants, however, there was a radiance everywhere. This started with the Family Contest in the Expo Zone, with the exhibitors themselves, but above all also with the 220 or so PowerKids and the 150 or so participants in the

Powerman CHARITY, which took place for the first time on Saturday. With a smile on his face, Freddy Nock also completed the first hours of his 25-hour world record attempt on the death wheel. In the early evening the anniversary celebration 30 years Powerman Zofongen, in the evening then the Powerman party in the city hall Zofingen rose.

On the first day of the 30th Powerman Zofingen the children, the families, the CHARITY participants, Freddy Nock and the anniversary celebration were the centre of attention. At the 4th Family Contest various positions were on the program. The PowerKids races were attended by 220 children between the ages of 1 and 13, divided into five different categories. For the third time, the PowerFamily category (one parent and at least one child) was added, in which over 50 people took part. “Thanks to this category, among other things, we had a marked increase in the number of participants compared to last year,” said Fanny and Chiara Schaffner, who are responsible for the PowerKids races. “The great joy, the exemplary commitment and enthusiasm of the children are the reward for our work. There was stagnation in the category Youth and Beginners, which was implemented for the 3rd time, where only a handful of people took part.

CHARITY new on Saturday

This year’s Powerman CHARITY took place for the first time not on Powerman Sunday, but already on Saturday. This year, the proceeds of the Powerman CHARITY will go to the Spittelhof Zofingen, the “Think of me” foundation and the Swiss Muscle Society. While in the last two years there were about 200 people taking part, this year only about 130 people took part in the 5 km long fun run. Among them was Markus Bindschädler from Zofingen, who took part in the CHARITY for the first time. “I’ll run with my dog Borka and enjoy the 5 kilometers from A to Z.” With Oliver Imfeld, Secretary General of Powerman Zofingen, another very committed OK member took part in CHARITY: “I have to hurry, because the next tasks are waiting for me. “This is like my lunch break, so I can’t have much more than 20 minutes. Rothrister Kickbox-Crack, director and actor Kazim Carman also had to be quick on the CHARITY track, as he had to look after his Expo stand before and after. “I can handle the strain easily. I’ve already eaten three standard Kazim bars today.”

Freddy Nock on the Wheel of Death

At noon on Saturday Freddy Nock started his world record attempt in the north of the Powerman Zofingen Arena. A few minutes earlier, the world-famous Uerkheim high- wire artist ran to the toilet. “The nervousness is beginning to take effect.” The 22 world record holder was calmed down by his seven-year-old son Leo. “You can do Daddy. Besides, I’ll run the wheel of death with you once in a while.” As soon as Freddy Nock and his companions of the IWTOA-WingTsun-Kung-Fu-D.B-Schule Aarau were on the road again, he started with little tricks, mostly above the death wheel. “I take this liberty because 12 years ago I had much less freedom than here at the RTL donation marathon with the successful world record attempt over 24 hours.” Nock will have completed no less than three marathons by Sunday afternoon at 1 pm, not on a straight track, but on a bike that is constantly going up and down.

On Sunday it’s serious

The 2018 Zofingen ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championships will start at 8am on Sunday morning. The women are first, at 9 o’clock the men come to the course with the honorary starter Natascha Badmann. The World Championship program includes 10 running, 150 bike and another 30 running kilometres. The teams start at 9.35 a.m. At 9.45 am (women), and at 9.50 am (men) the start of the short distance duathlon takes place over 10 running, 50 bike and 5 running kilometres. Natascha Badmann can also be admired on the short distance course. A summary of the race and the decisive phase of the World Championship race will be broadcast live on TV 24 and Tele M1 between 2 pm and 4 pm. There is also a live stream from 8 to 16 o’clock, where you can follow the whole race. This on http://www.powerman.ch/de/live-race-reportZudem there is also a commented live internet stream on www.powerman.ch and www.powerman.swiss.

text/photos: Raphael Galliker

Click here for the live videos of PowerKids, Charity and Freddy Nock:




No. 1: On the first Powerman Zofingen day, the PowerKids flocked into the PowermanArena in great numbers.

No. 2: Freddy Nock started his 25-hour world record attempt on the death wheel on Saturday at 12 noon right behind the Powerman Zofingen Arena.

No. 3: Natascha Badmann in continuous use: Freddy Nock is delighted that the six-time Hawaii and three-time Powerman Zofingen winner personally presented him with a banana.

No. 4: The start of Powerman CHARITY took place in the arena this time.

No. 5: The speech to mark the 30th anniversary of Powerman Zofingen was given by Zofingen’s city mayor Hans-Ruedi Hottiger in the arena overlooking the death wheel with Freddy Nock.