“I want to enjoy September 2nd from A to Z”

The fireworks that will be lit on the 30th Powerman Zofingen are getting bigger and more impressive. Besides Ronnie Schildknecht, who will compete at the ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championships, Natascha Badmann will also make a comeback on the track at Powerman Zofingen. “Since I can run again, I dare to start the short distance and I want to enjoy September 2nd from A to Z,” says the 6-time Ironman Hawaii and three-time Powerman Zofingen winner. The 51-year-old from Küngoldingen will also be a permanent ambassador for Powerman Zofingen on other fronts.

1989, at the very first duathlon event in Zofingen still called “Riun & Bike” at that time, Natascha Badmann started over the short distance. “I still remember it well, as it was also my very first competition.” Badmann immediately made it into the top ten and immediately took this sport to her heart. The consequences of this love are known: Three Powerman-Zofingen triumphs in 1996, 1997 and 2000 plus in triathlon, including six victories at the Ironman Hawaii (1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2005).

Running training works

Two years ago Badmann was hit by a car in a training camp on Gran Canaria and was unable to do a real and, above all, painless running training for dozens of months. “Since then, I’ve taken part in a competition without any running training.” Last week Badmann did several tests and was able to complete a 10 km long training session without pain. “The 10 kilometres immediately brought me to the numbers 10 km, 50 km and 5 km”, Badmann might say something in riddles. For Powerman Zofingen fans it is clear what she means: 10 km running, 50 km cycling and another 5 km running, that is the requirement profile for the Powerman Zofingen over the short distance. “I could easily cycle the route three times, but the 15 kilometres I walk are very respectful, as it goes up and down a lot,” said the Queen of Kona and Zofingen.

Your fan club participates

Badmann wouldn’t be Badmann if she made the Powerman Zofingen weekend easy for herself. “In the short-distance race on September 2nd, at the women’s start at 9:45 a.m., I first give the starting signal and then run afterwards.” She has to see to it that she is not caught up with by her own fan club. “The team of three will start a squadron five minutes later, together with the men. The entire trio will then also start on 13 October at the Ironman Hawaii” Badmann is not looking forward to victory: “I want to enjoy the day and the race, will be very relaxed, always have a smile, soak up the great atmosphere once again and also be proud to be part of the Powerman Zofingen for 30 years and be a piece of history”. Her faithful coach at the edge of the track will be her trainer and life partner Toni Hasler. That’s exactly why the tiewoman could suddenly break out in Badmann and with it again the competition fever. “Yes, I could imagine that after a few successful kilometres, but as I said, I want to have a lot of fun.”

Being there for the fans

Zofingen and the villages along the route witness a rare spectacle on 2 September. “On special request I will also give autographs on the course and will be available for photos and selfies”, promises Badmann, who will then also be available for your fans at the finish. But Badmann’s all- around programme continues without a break: “Together with presenter Gabriel Oldham and co- commentator Andy Sutz I will co-comment the endurance race on TV, as I did last year.

Joy for the OC President

OK President Stefan Ruf is also pleased about Badmann’s comeback on the Powerman Zofingen circuit. “This closes a circle that began in 1989 on September 2, 2018.” The fact that two extremely successful athletes, Schildknecht and Badmann, had started their careers in Zofingen and would now return to their roots, also shows the high acknowledged importance that the Powerman Zofingen has. “Many top names in the triathlon and duathlon scene say that I simply have to win this event in Zofingen once in my career.” Ruf is also proud that Badmann is the official ambassador for Powerman Zofingen.

Great seminar

And Badmann’s mammoth program on the 30th Powerman Zofingen is not over yet. Already on Saturday, September 1, 2018, she invites you, together with Toni Hasler, to a special, eagerly awaited seminar. “A marked increase in performance thanks to perfect competition nutrition” is the title of the seminar, which will be held at 2 p.m. in the Evangelical Methodist Church Zofingen, right next to the Stadtsaal Zofingen. A contribution towards expenses of CHF 10 will be collected immediately upon receipt. Anyone who is interested in the topic of competition nutrition, especially for the Powerman Zofingen races on Sunday, September 2, 2018, can participate. “There are enough places available and otherwise you can follow the einst¨üpndige seminar with the possibility to ask questions standing up,” says the experienced nutrition coach Toni Hasler, who has coached countless athletes to win at Powerman Zofingen and Ironman Hawaii.

Last starting places

You can still register for the 30th Powerman Zofingen. The entry portal for the long distance (women’s start to the ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championships on September 2nd is at 8am, the World Championship men’s start is at 9am) was closed in mid-August, but you can still register for the age groups as well as for the short distance. You can still register for the Powerman CHARITY (new on Saturday and starting at 4 pm), the PowerKids races and the Family Contest, even on the day of the event.

Text: Raphael Galliker

Picture caption:

Natascha Badmann, the ambassador of Powerman Zofingen, is already looking forward to her mammoth program at the Powerman Zofingen weekend. Photo: Raphael Galliker