Secure your own Powerman Zofingen kilometer!

The 33rd Powerman Zofingen will be held on 3rd/4th September 2022. Secure your own symbolic Powerman kilometre in time, because in the last years the track was sold out with more than 200 booked kilometres. This sponsorship is now limited to 230 kilometres. One kilometre costs 230 Swiss francs (plus VAT) per year. In return, you will receive a whole package of advertising appearances. Make a kilometre sponsorship for two or three years, pay even less per year.


The 230 kilometres are sold in sequence, from kilometre 1 to kilometre 230. One kilometre is available for CHF 230.00 (one year). You receive two years for CHF 380.00, three years for CHF 530.00. The prices (plus 7.7 % VAT) are identical for companies and private individuals.


Ingenious advertising presence


As a sponsor of a Powerman Zofingen kilometre, you will receive a lot in return: Mention of the individual kilometre sponsors in the Powerman Zofingen magazine. The Powerman Zofingen magazine with its 40 pages is published at the end of August as a supplement of the Mittelland-Zeitungen of the CH Media AG (daily newspapers like Oltner Tagblatt, Zofinger Tagblatt, Aargauer Zeitung, Solothurner Zeitung, Grenchner Tagblatt, and so on.). With a circulation of over 140,000 copies, you are represented throughout the entire Mittelland region! You will also appear on a large information wall which will be set up at the Zofingen City Hall on the competition weekend.


On Powerman Zofingen Saturday and Sunday, the speaker announces the kilometre sponsors. As a rule, the company name and the location are mentioned. In the case of private individuals, first name, surname and place of residence are mentioned. On the homepage you will be listed on a special page "kilometre sponsors". Here you can also mention your homepage, whereby there is a direct link to your homepage. And you will also appear on Facebook.


Loyalty pays off

The big hit: Every advertiser who signs and pays for a 3-year contract receives a free return ticket from the Powerman Zofingen to a popular Swiss mountain railway destination. This is worth CHF 72.00 (adult price, at the moment Schilthornbahn).


Book your Powerman kilometre today via, fill out the advertising agreement now, contact the project manager Raphael Galliker by e-mail ( or by telephone (079 330 40 16). Bookings will be accepted until the end of July. For later years you can still book afterwards.


Variant Deluxe with logo presence or 2 VIP-Tickets


We also offer a deluxe version of kilometre sponsoring!
For one year (CHF 530.00). From two years on you get a discount! For two years (CHF 980.00) or for three years (CHF 1'430.00). With these prices still the VAT comes (7.7 %).

The deluxe kilometres come at the top everywhere, before the standard kilometres (see above). You also have a logo presence here or you get 2 VIP-Tickets for the Powerman Zofingen-race Sunday.


You have an advertising slogan (with homepage or telephone) that appears on many great platforms:

  • Mention on Powerman Zofingen Sunday by the speaker over the speaker.
  • Listing in the Powerman Zofingen magazine described under point 1.) with logo presence (coloured, 2 cm wide and 1 cm high).
  • Listing on an info board at the event itself with logo presence (coloured, 2 cm wide and 1 cm high).
  • Listing on the homepage under the category kilometre sponsoring with logo presence (coloured, 2 cm wide and 1 cm high).
  • Listing on Facebook with logo presence (coloured, 2 cm wide and 1 cm high).