Become a Powerman ambassador

To further promote duathlon and Powerman Zofingen, we are looking for you as a Powerman ambassador in your country.

You already know Powerman Zofingen and have already participated. It will be a pleasure for you to inspire other new colleagues to participate in the Powerman in Zofingen in the future and to implement appropriate advertising measures in your country with our support. You have a good network and you enjoy being the contact person for your country's delegation. With your presence on different occasions you also represent Powerman Zofingen with our advertising activities. Then you are exactly the person we are looking for as ambassador!

Of course, as an ambassador you also profit from various benefits such as VIP events, special entry vouchers, free entry to a new acquisition of 5 new, never-before-seen athletes, the chance to be crowned ambassador of the year, and so on.

Please contact us via E-Mail .

Amedeo Bonfanti

Powerman Ambassador - Italy

"Udo Siebert, friend and founder of the Jubilee Club, asked me to become an ambassador for the Powerman Zofingen. Ironman Lanzarote, Ironman Austria and the Powerman Zofingen are races that are very important to me. "I am very proud to be ambassador for the Powerman Zofingen and I will promote the race wherever I am."

Oscar Mendoza

Powerman Ambassador - Colombia

I feel very proud to be a Powerman ambassador for South America. You can count on my support for the event.

Grigoris Skoularikis

Powerman Ambassador - Greece

I am a pioneer in duathlon in Greece. Setting new goals is not difficult but to implement and meet the expectations can be very hard! My ways are not only long, but also hard. I'd be happy if you come with me.

Lukas Baumann

Powerman Ambassador - Switzerland

Luki (born 1978) and his brother Joni are Powerman ambassadors from the very beginning. He is a very dedicated member of the Powerman organization team. Both lead the group of ambassadors. Luki ensures the contacts and the exchange to the sport federations. He is passionate about duathlon.

Jonas Baumann

Powerman Ambassador - Switzerland

Joni Baumann (born 1981) and his brother Lukas are Powerman ambassadors from the very beginning. He's a very dedicated member of the Powerman OK team. Both lead the group of ambassadors.

Duncan Adamson

Powerman Ambassador - UK

My goal is to inspire other athletes for the challenge of duathlon. A discipline that has its own advantages and is much more than just an alternative for off-season triathletes, but a hard and rewarding multi-sport for elite and age group athletes. As a Powerman ambassador, I hope to encourage other athletes to enjoy the special atmosphere of the Powerman events.

Norbert Braun

Powerman Ambassador - Germany

Norbert "Nobbe" (born 1961) is a sportsman and sports functionary (for many years also DTU Duathon representative) and has been on the road as ambassador for the Powerman for years. His passion is Duathlon and Powerman. In 2010 he was named IPA Ambassador of the Year. He has set up an extra platform especially for the promotion of duathlon in Germany. Slogan: come to the Powerman and experience the fascination of duathlon, because here it is warm and we are like a family!

René Peter

Powerman Ambassador - Switzerland

As ambassador for Powerman Zofingen I would like to give something back to the organizer for the great work which is done in the background on a voluntary basis, because I know too well this is anything but natural. Such a race needs many helping hands so that the athletes can concentrate only on the race and if I can motivate someone as an ambassador to stand once at the start, then I am naturally very happy.

Marc Widmer

Powerman Ambassador - Switzerland

Marc (born 1980) from Wädenswil is a former elite cyclist and today an enthusiastic elite duathlete. He supports Powerman as ambassador on various occasions in the scene.

Udo Siebert

Powerman Ambassador - Germany

Udo Siebert is one of our loyal 10-fold finishers at Powerman Zofingen and initiator of the Jubilee Club of Powerman Zofingen.

Heinz Bauer

Powerman Ambassador - Germany

Heinz was born in 1943 and is already a mature multi-athlete. In his age group he already won Powerman races in Zofingen and in Germany. He will actively promote the Powerman as an ambassador in his races and training camps.